Hand carved solid wood German cuckcoo clocks

Why purchase your cuckcoo clock from Rohrbach’s Clockworks?

In the world of endless online options, you may find a factory in Germany that would sell to you direct. However, after you pay for shipping, import duties and tariffs, you haven’t saved anything. Rohrbach’s Clockworks has no surprise fees or hidden costs. Sale price includes importing, delivery, set-up, and our Hassle-Free Warranty. Our passion is not just for promoting these fine clocks, we are also passionate about the local service we provide and the relationship we want to have with every customer. Learn More ››

All original Black Forest cuckoo clocks carry a certificate of authenticity by the Black Forest Clock Association. In order to receive this certificate, a cuckcoo clock has to operate mechanically, has to be handmade in the Black Forest and all major parts have to be from the Black Forest.

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