Hand carved solid wood German cuckcoo clocks


1 DAY:

If you are the “tinkering” type of personality, and you’re looking for an economical option of clock that still is mechanical/weight driven in keeping with tradition… Then one of our 1 Day (30 hour) cuckoo selections could be right for you. They function the same way and can include just as many features as one of the high-end 8 Day models, the only difference is that you have to pull the chains to reset the weights once a day. It only takes a mere matter of seconds to do so.

If you miss a day or are unable to reset the weights, it won’t hurt a thing. The clock function simply stops. All you need to do is pull the weights back up when you’re ready to start the clock again, and move the hands to set the correct time – that’s it! All our mechanical model clocks are covered by a 2-Year, No-Hassle Warranty.

8 DAY:

For those that enjoy the charming presence of a cuckoo clock, but do not wish to have to attend to it very often, then one of our many 8 Day clocks should suit you well. These have larger weights and are equipped with a traditional movement that is geared for lasting for one week before needing the chains and weights reset. Just as with the 1 Day clock, it takes a matter of seconds to reset, and there is still no need for concern if you are unable to reset it. If the weights wind down to the floor, the clock will simply stop until you reset it again.

We recommend you pick a day, such as a Sunday after church, where you can make it a habit that you always reset the weights at that time. Then, you will have years of uninterrupted time enjoying your clock. All our mechanical model clocks are covered by a 2-Year, No-Hassle Warranty.


These models of cuckoos are for the ones that are drawn-in to the style and character of the design of our clocks – with all the details of hand-carved leaves, wooden figurines, and hand painted scenes… Yet you are not interested in the traditional workings on the inside of the clock, and would rather simply change a battery once a year. You will be able to enjoy the same pleasant “cuckoos” on the hour, and even hear up to 12 different musical tunes with some models.

Our Quartz driven clocks are all still hand-made in the same German factories as the traditional model, and also are very economical. All our Quartz model clocks are covered by a 1-Year, No-Hassle Warranty.

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