Hand carved solid wood German cuckcoo clocks


HERR cuckoo clocks have been made since the beginning of the 19th century.  Starting in a small, humble workshop, the company now in its 5th generation of ownership, and have since grown into a world-known and leading manufacturer of quality cuckoo clocks.  Herr has specialized in the manufacturing of the Original Black-Forest Cuckoo clock and is the only factory making all major components of a cuckoo clock, the movements, case and carvings at their shop.  Hubert Herr only uses solid, genuine linden wood and pine (native to the Black Forest region), and are guaranteed hand-carved.

The entire clock is made at the company’s locations in Triberg / Black-Forest, Germany.



The Kammerer Clock Company was established in 1938 by Helmut Kammerer.  Now, in its 5th generation, the Kammerer company is still producing high quality, hand made cuckoo clocks certified by the Black Forest Clock Association.  Kammerer clocks show great attention to detail and quality control, and all clocks are tested for 24-48 hours before they are packed.
Kammerer now produces 500 different models and has achieved an excellent reputation.  These clocks are currently exported to 40 countries worldwide.



The Rombach and Haas factory was founded in 1894.  For their location, they chose an old farmhouse in the middle of the town of Schonach.  Schonach later became a center for cuckoo clock production in the Black Forest and has remained so to this day.  The clock making business slowly grew into a viable business as they produced more and more of these special clocks, and is now managed in the fourth generation by Ingolf and Conny Haas.
Over the years, Rombach and Haas has earned an excellent reputation for the high quality of their Black Forest clocks.  The clocks are unique and extraordinary in design and quality.  For this, they receive recognition every year.



Trenkle has been producing beautiful world famous Black Forest clocks for over 30 years. Located in Simonswald, the Trenkle factory is renowned for clocks that exhibit creativity and for turning out new models frequently. Trenkle specializes in miniature clocks as well as tiny masterpieces and offers its customers very reasonable prices. Between the high quality larger cuckoo clock and the very popular pendulum and swinging doll clocks, Trenkle has become one of the most popular manufacturers in the Black Forest Region.

By ensuring that all pieces for their clocks are produced and assembled in company workshops, Trenkle Uhren has effectively ensured that their years of tradition in clock making has remained intact. Tradition is a very important factor in the making of a Trenkle piece. All mechanisms in their clocks are stamped by hand and even the wheels and springs are assembled in the local workshops. Before a clock is allowed to leave the workshop it is very carefully inspected to ensure that it retains the high quality and marksmanship that has made Trenkle one of the most widely known clock making companies in the Black Forest. The Trenkel Company is located along the famous German Clock Trail and bears the same quality and high craftsmanship that many have come to expect from clockmakers in the Black Forest Region.

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