Hand carved solid wood German cuckcoo clocks


– Cuckoo clocks should hang 6 ½ feet from the floor.  Be sure to select a low traffic area…a place that will not get bumped easily in passing, and where small children and pets are unable to pull on the weights and chains that hang to the floor.  We recommend putting a screw in the wall (in a stud), sloping up at a slight angle.  Make sure the screw head is smaller than the hole on the top/back side of the clock case.  It is not the goal that the clock case be set perfectly level, it is more important that it is adjusted on the wall to be “in beat” – the point of the “tick” being evenly paced or equal to the “tock” (tick-tock, tick-tock…).
– Also, avoid placing your clock in the path of direct sunlight and heating vents.


– If you have to move your clock for any reason, it is important that you first remove the weights and the pendulum first.  Next, if your cuckoo clock is to be boxed, stored, or could possibly be tipped upside down for any reason, it is important that the chains are secured by sliding a wire (provided) through the chains links as close to the bottom of the clock case as possible.  This prevents the chains from coming off the gear assembly inside the clock.  Moving your clock without following these simple steps is the main reason clocks need re-tuned or even repaired in some cases.


– These clocks are weight driven.  Cuckoo clocks come with either a 30 hour movement, or an 8 day movement.  A 30 hour clock (most common/least expensive) will require you to pull the weights back up once a day.  An 8 day clock will operate your clock for a week before needing to pull the weights up.
– Your clock may have just one weight if it is a ‘time only’ clock, two weights if it is ‘time and chime’, and three weights if it is also equipped for music on the hour.  Do not be concerned if the weights do not descend at the same rate.  The functions of the weights operate independently of each other.


– Set the time on your cuckoo clock by moving the minute hand forward, stopping at each hour and half hour to allow it to strike before advancing it to the correct time.  If the strike or chime is not in sync with the hour hand, you may move the hour hand forward or backwards to the correct hour.  The hour hand is connected by a slip-sleeve to the shaft and will not harm the inner movement when adjusted.
– If your cuckoo clock is operating fast or slow, you can adjust this by gently sliding the pendulum bob up the pendulum rod/stick to increase speed, or down to decrease speed.  Only make very slight adjustments, reset the hands to the correct time, then let it operate a day or two to see if the adjustment was sufficient.  These clocks are not going to be as perfect as your satellite-linked cell phone, so it is not uncommon to have to adjust the time slightly on occasion.

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